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I am trying to produce a definitive list of the variations of the C57 & E2 Scalextric Aston Martin DBR1. I beleive there are just three versions, in four colours and made in both England and France.

Colours are red, blue, green & yellow.

The three versions are shown in the photos from left to right:

C57 Type 1 - Large head, painted tonneau, loop braid guide.
C57 Type 2 - Medium head, round pin guide, holes in chassis for lights (not fitted).
E2 - Medium head, black grill, holes in body for rear lights, round pin guide, holes in chassis for lights (fitted) - note black marks where the rubber blocks fit.

Roger Gillham's book suggestes there is another variation which has a loop braid guide chassis but with the holes for the lights. He believes this to have the medium head body but it is unclear whether or not this is a lighted E2 variation and therefore with the holes in the body for the rear light lens. It is thought that they might be French only.

Of course, there is nothing to stop anyone, including the factory, fitting a large head body to a round pin guide chassis or medium head body to a loop braid guide chassis but this doesn't count - I am looking for a definite moulding variation.

Can anyone confirm this? With photos? or even supply complete cars for my collection? Any bits for any C57/E2 cars would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Jim Moyes
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So you weren't completely cured then, Rob?

Phil Smith
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I've had plenty of C57 with full driver tops/loop braid bases so I believe that this is was a factory variation that was produced, not all of them could have been a mix up of parts.
Whether these had the holes for the lights is another matter as I have never really took much notice and have none in stock at the moment to check, I have checked my box of spare bodies (not many) and none of the loop braid bases have lighting holes.
But the C56 Lister production very much mirrored that of the C57, even the rare variations are the same (UK, Full driver, round pin guide, in yellow or red) and I have a lot of loop braid bases with holes for these so I would say that the C57 was also made like this.
Henk Pfipers comprehensive listing book also lists a Large head/Round pin guide variation! but only for the C57.
He also lists the full driver/loop braid with holes variation for both the C56 and C57
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