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Scalextric C2112 Team Agip

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I've just bought this car second hand and wondered if anyone can tell me more about it as it was listed as "F1" but I suspect that it is F3 or maybe F3000? It looks like Scalextric issued a whole range of similar team cars so I wondered if they were all from a particular championship or some kind of fantasy livery series?
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Fantasy livery on a fantasy car - loosely based on an F1 car of the period. There are loads of different ones, go HERE and check out "team cars" on the cars menu.

It was one of Scalextric's periodic attempts at a generic F1 car that didn't cost them anything in licensing fees.

It is not a Jordan "7-UP" re-livery although the front wing shape is similar. The Jordan was an SCX car and nothing to do with Hornby.
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