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Ey Up Wayne,

Scalextric Protec tried and failed, as a marketing strategy.

Speaking in general terms, there are three distinct groups of club racers in the UK, the plastic chassis group, the Rally guys, and the BSCRA metal chassis group.

The Scalextric Protec cars are a bit of an enigma. Nowhere near quick enough for the BSCRA scene, but not allowed in a plastic chassis club !!.

One other factor is the choice of 3mm axles. NSR, Slotit, and the others are 3/32, or 2.38mm ( yes I know Ninco is 2.48 ), and so there is no interchangability with the vast array of parts available today.

I have a Protec Vectra, and it sits in my showcase of "unusual" models.

I too, would recommend getting one if the opportunity arises, but unless everyone in the club has one and you start a Protec Class, you wont be able to race it.

vbr Chris A.
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