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QUOTE (Black3sr @ 11 Apr 2012, 09:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>For $30-$35 what do you want? Consider the faded paint a raced version. Only problem I have had with this car was a couple with poor crown gears which were replaced by distributor. These Porsches will take a Slot.It S2 tire with no modification. Makes for one fast smooth car on wood.

So where do you get one of these for $30 ??? You won't even find them for 30 EUROS (40USD, don't know the rate of your CAN$)...

I find your comment rather annoying. We know what the quality of the printing on all contemporary Scalexric cars is, after all they set the standard some years back.

So to get a new car priced the same as the rest of the range, of which the outcome of the livery measured by the Scalextric quality standards as we have come to know them is clearly flawed, it can only mean two things:

1. A production fault, or:
2. A lowered manufacturing standard to reduce production cost.

So it is very good to investigate which one it comes down to...

Now the price is definitely not as low as you suggest. If it was, then (but only then) you could have a point, (because Scalextric would have lowered the price as a result of lowered quality) but since it isn't, the regular Scalextric customer (i.e. you and me and many of the good people here at the forum) know EXACTLY what to expect: the same high standard as always!

Your comment of "what do you want..." is therefore in my opinion, utter bollocks!

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