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Firstly, can I apologise for reviving a very old thread, I thought it better than starting another one, cluttering up the site.

I came across this while looking for a solution to my problem, exactly the same one as the original poster appears to have had.

The replies suggesting a remedy for this issue are many, but I particularly liked the one from Phil Smith (post #3) where he advises "bending the underpan back into shape with the aid of a little heat", he does add though "...but this is rarely successful".

Well that is what I decided to attempt, and I'm delighted to report - it was successful! Thought I should share.

Here follows my very amateurish effort on how I tackled it.

1. I found a suitably sized small 'L' shaped steel plate.

Wood Gadget Automotive exterior Automotive tire Hardwood

2. C clamp (I don't have a vice)

Wood Hand tool Bicycle handlebar Bicycle part Hardwood

3. Attach the plate against the rear axle 'fixing lugs' (as shown) by using tape to prevent it from shifting. Wood Engineering Machine Auto part Electric blue

4. I then taped a piece of plastic (old ruler in this instance) to the underside in order to protect the part from scratches and damage.

Circuit component Passive circuit component Hardware programmer Electronic component Electronic engineering

5. Place the C clamp as shown in the next picture, gently screwing it until you create a 'slight' bend on the underpan.

Hand tool Wood Tool Flooring Automotive tire

For heat I boiled up a kettle and poured the boiling liquid over the plastic, be careful here as you don't want to scald your hand, I immediately followed this up by holding it under a cold running tap.

After drying it off I refitted the motor and the rear axle to find the pinion no longer rubbed against the concrate lip, now the car runs like it should.

I'm guessing I got lucky regards on how much I should tighten the C clamp, not enough and it would have been a waste of time, too far and perhaps I'd have ruined it altogether, to be honest I wasn't even sure if I should use warm water or boiling water. I threw caution to the wind and opted for boiling, thankfully the car shows no signs of damage or discolouration.


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