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Hello. I've been keen on the colour of this particular car for some time to add to my collection of Aston Martin DB GT's. I always shy away due to the high prices they command and simply accepted I'll never get to own one...that was until tonight when I was overcome by a "Ach to hell with it!" moment as the auction reached its end.

The Scalextric book 6th Edition 'The Definitive Guide' (2004) by Roger Gillham lists C68 English models as being produced only in Red and Green, the book mentions that French productions were available in Blue and Yellow. For a while I always assumed (wrongly) that the Blue Aston must be a French issue due to this book/bible.

On the print release of Roger Gillham's 6th Edition it appears perhaps it wasn't known at the time that English production cars also came in Blue and not just Red and Green.There are quite a few French Blue models to be had and appear often for sale on the internet, more so than the 'Made in England' versions. Can someone confirm (maybe Phil on here) that the Blue English cars are rarer than the French cars?

In what year was it realised the English production of this car was also available in Blue?

What years were they in production, were they ever offered in a set as well as separately in their own box?

How many (approx.) were made?
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