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scalextric c7042 advanced 6 car power base

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My name is Joseph from Melbourne Australia.

I have a question about power supplies.

I have a 55 metre scalextric sport track which has booster cables soldered on spread evenly and had no issues running the standard c8217 scalextric sport power base with the 2 x c993 standard transformers that you get in the sets...however instead of using the standard scalextric 60 ohm controllers i used the Parma Economy 25 ohm controllers so all was ok....

This is the question?

I have now purchased the c7042 scalextric advanced 6 car power base. I am using the scalextric digital controllers with 2 of their c 7024 15v 4 amp power supplies.....i am still running it in analogue mode with 2 analogue cars only and im finding i dont have the same amount of power as i did before.........i dont understand this as i thought i would have much more power!!

Scalextric in the UK sent me an email saying the following and i quote, "I have spoken with my colleague who explained that standard analogue transformers were not regulated so could give an output of up to 20 volts even though there are only 12 volt transformers. The new 15v transformers are regulated so will not go above 15 volts and therefore will not be as fast."

If this is true and the 2 x c7024 transformers were designed to handle 6 digital cars in digital mode how come i have less power running 2 non digital cars in analogue mode???

Any ways i think i should buy myself a variable dc power supply so i am able to adjust the power to my liking but i would be really appreciate if you can show me or forward me some material, links or any how to you tube links on how to wire it up to my 6 car power base.....i have already purchased 2 x 3.1MM x 6.5MM DC Power connectors.

Looking forward to hearing from you with your wealth of knowledge and experience 
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ok this is all new to me as i really thought the C7042 6 car powerbase would be able to take on more power.....

i guess i didnt do my research again as the place i bought the 6 car power base also sold me 2, 3.1MM x 6.5MM DC Power connectors so i can run a variable dc power supply unit.

Also im not really wanting that much more power than im getting....i just didnt understand how i was getting more power from the standard scalextric power supplies (c993-australia) when the c7024 15v 4amp ones dont give as much....

Has it got anything to do with the when i run the c8217 scalextric standard sport pb with 25 ohm parma contollers im really happy with the power i get in this set up....
ok thanks bigbird i thought i have done this already but maybe i havent so i will do this now...cheers....i will let you know soon :)
QUOTE (bigbird @ 6 May 2011, 06:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>hi
as i posted earlier you really need to try the calibration feature that is within the pb menu.It may well be that you are not getting 100% throttle when it is fully depressed.

The digital throttles have from memory 63 steps and it is normal to see them reach only into the high 50s on full throttle,using the calibration feature will get round this so the throttle will achieve a full throttle reading of 63.

can you please explain this memory 63 steps and how u find the 63 reading?? im looking at the manual and i cant see this anywhere....all i see on page 05 is to press the trigger 3 times under
do u think there will be an upgrade so we can use a variable dc psu so we can up the voltage in the near future?
Thanks guys for the info!

Sean...tell me more about the Tru-Speed Hand Controllers... if im running analogue cars in analogue mode through c7042 digital pb, i still buy the digital contollers yeah? What is the tru-Speed contoller part number just to make sure im buying the correct one!

Also i did some experimenting and this is the results:-

The cars i used were the scalextric aussie v8s with the original motor, mabuchi car was well used and the other a brand new car!

First i ran both using the c8217 scaley sport powerbase with a parma 25 ohm controller using 2 x 12v unregulated c993 transformers and i was happy with how both cars ran....

The second run i used the c7042 six car pb with 2 c7024 15v 4 amp (regulated)....the result was the new car ran well but the used car wasnt getting full power down my long straight (when i had the throttle fully depressed).....

so it got me thinking.....i cleaned the rails all along my straight and guess what ...the very same car got the power it needed!!!

So this is my question? Why is it with the 12v unregalted power i had no issues with both cars even before cleaning the straight but i had the issues with the used car when the track wasnt clean???

Anyways im pretty happy for now at least that i solved my problem and i will be looking forward for more info on the Tru-Speed Contollers :)

Oh another question will it be ok for my friend to hook up an aftermarket variable dc psu and have it running 15v??? Will this be still ok and not do any damage?


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Yes you are right!

running analogue mode via the digital pb had a bigger negative performance when the track was dirty vs running full analogue!!!!

i got to try the inox-mx3....i found that our local hardware store has it stock :)



as i have a few parma economy contollers, as a cheaper option what do u think of the tru-speed digital kit sold by speed digital kit for parma economy controllers
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