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scalextric c7042 advanced 6 car power base

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My name is Joseph from Melbourne Australia.

I have a question about power supplies.

I have a 55 metre scalextric sport track which has booster cables soldered on spread evenly and had no issues running the standard c8217 scalextric sport power base with the 2 x c993 standard transformers that you get in the sets...however instead of using the standard scalextric 60 ohm controllers i used the Parma Economy 25 ohm controllers so all was ok....

This is the question?

I have now purchased the c7042 scalextric advanced 6 car power base. I am using the scalextric digital controllers with 2 of their c 7024 15v 4 amp power supplies.....i am still running it in analogue mode with 2 analogue cars only and im finding i dont have the same amount of power as i did before.........i dont understand this as i thought i would have much more power!!

Scalextric in the UK sent me an email saying the following and i quote, "I have spoken with my colleague who explained that standard analogue transformers were not regulated so could give an output of up to 20 volts even though there are only 12 volt transformers. The new 15v transformers are regulated so will not go above 15 volts and therefore will not be as fast."

If this is true and the 2 x c7024 transformers were designed to handle 6 digital cars in digital mode how come i have less power running 2 non digital cars in analogue mode???

Any ways i think i should buy myself a variable dc power supply so i am able to adjust the power to my liking but i would be really appreciate if you can show me or forward me some material, links or any how to you tube links on how to wire it up to my 6 car power base.....i have already purchased 2 x 3.1MM x 6.5MM DC Power connectors.

Looking forward to hearing from you with your wealth of knowledge and experience 
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QUOTE ( @ 6 May 2011, 20:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>as i have a few parma economy contollers, as a cheaper option what do u think of the tru-speed digital kit sold by

Yeah thats a good question... I know nothing about these but looking at the picture from what i can see there is a multi point contact strip with each one "rated" by its own resistor...

The "track voltage" doesn't ever travel through a digital throttle... It just provides a 64 step resistance signal that is read by the APB... The "feel" you will get by fitting one of these will be much more parma like as you have the same spring and trigger travel... As to whether it is a linear resistance or a "modified" throttle curve i just can't say by looking at a picture... There is no detail on the truspeed website or on pendles either.

My advice... Buy one... Try it... at £16.50 its not a lot for what could be a great controller... If you don't like it well nothing ventured etc etc. If you have the "power" back by cleaning the rails then getting back to the parma's case and trigger will help things feel more familiar... Guess you won't use the Lane change/brake buttons being died in the wool analogue boy so may not be such a loss.... unless you get tempted by running more than 2 cars...
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Oh to pick up on the variable PSU...... As long as you ensure that the "plugs" are wired correctly (reversing the polarity of the power input to an APB is very bad) should be no problem...

With analogue if you vary the voltage you can "adjust" how cars drive.... With the APB turn up the Volts and the APB bleeds the extra current off as heat.... turn the volts down and the "computer" will brownout becuase its getting the wrong voltage... PWM means only a 12V signal will ever reach the rails... chopped into "bits" to emulate the voltage the analogue car needs... No fun to be had twiddling power nobs!!!
2x C7042's will give 4 amps per lane... more than enough for most plastic cars... unless of course you have some 30K's to play with.... then maybe a big PSU may come into its own for big amp fun... oh no it wont... if the cars pull more than 8amps at the rails and the APB will shut down into safe mode!!!

The APB makes having a bench big PSU pointless...
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jo my bud
long time no talk (since i was using auslot)
anyway its exactly as Mr f said
but if your using the apb im guessing you will finally take the digital punt?
see ya mate
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