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I'm going through my old cars trying to fix them and noticed some have lighting out of action. Some such as my Renault Megans, & Legunas
have plug in and twist bayonet plastic fittings with a wire leaded bulb fitted about 5mm thick. Do any of you know what spec this bulb is?How many watts / voltage size / code etc? Scalextric only seem to sell the whole lot as a unit with the plastic holder I don't need?

In another Porsche 911 I've found a single tiny centrally mounted bulb in a plastic rail to light the front headlights. This appears to bealso a wire lead bulb but much smaller in dimensions? This car has the little printed circuit board with 2 capacitors in it and includes 2 rear LED's I think? Would this front bulb be a lower voltage than 12V?? Mines failed and so prevent the rear circuit working too.
Again what spec? Grain of rice?? Some cars seem to have 2 separate bulbs for headlights too so would they be different again?
I thought if I can get the bulb sizes, voltage and specs I could try Maplins or RS online for replacements.

Would another option be to replace both types with LED's or would that not work without further mods?
Thanks in advance


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LEDs are much brighter than grain of wheat bulbs.

You can buy prewired LEDs from eBay for very little money if you can wait a few weeks for delivery from China. The Prewired LEDs for 12v are fine but they will need to be installed the right way round as they are directional. You can get them as 3mm and 5mm diameter and the leads are long enough for any slot car application.

For analogue wire them across the braids or the motor terminals. For SSD digital take power from the braids and the lights will be permanently on.
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