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Scalextric Car - Poor/Odd/Weird Performance

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Hi all - not sure if anyone can help but - we have a 1:32 Subaru for the sons Scalextric which - when I left for work on Monday last week was fine - but is not drivign rather oddly. Its almost like the wheels have lost thier traction so it spend an inordinate amount of time spinning, sliding and generally not making as much progress around the track as it did the week before. I had a look and its not obvious whats wrong. Ive changed the tyres but, as you can imagine, not much difference there. Any ideas?
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Magnet not located correctly perhaps?

If it's one of the four wheel drive ones has the band come loose/off that drives the rear axle?
is the track dirty/dusty?

are the gears meshing properly? does the gear/wheels need superglued onto the axle?
If it is one of the 4WD cars then you might have to remove the spring from the guide as I noticed that with the spring in place the front end sits slightly higher and the front wheels don't drive the car.
Rightly or wrongly I've removed the spring from all my 4x4 Guides, and also cut 5mm out of the drive band and superglued it back together, mine seem to run much better this way.

Bloody stupid idea of Scaley's driving the front wheels direct and the rears via a rubber band, everyone knows even in real life, much more traction is available at rear wheels, so the likes of the MSC Chassis which drives rears direct and fronts via band is much better as if the band slips you dont lose as much traction

In fact some degree of slip is desireable as it gives you a better drive bias to the rears, as in real life 1:1 4X4 s (my 1:1 Puma 4X4 Stage Car is around 66% Rear and 34% Front in gravel trim).

Cheers Dave
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What you are describing to me sounds as if the PINION is slipping on the motor shaft, or maybe the gear on the axle (not so common but it does happen with in-line contrate gears and sidewinder gears).

Clamp the gear driven wheels with your fingers whilst the car is on the track and see if the motor will rev. If it does but the wheels don't try to move or move very little then you have a slipping pinion or gear.

If its the pinion on the motor shaft then it may be split, in which case replace it. If it is NOT split then superglue it (CA glue) - making sure it is in the right place on the shaft. BE CAREFUL because you don't want superglue getting inside the motor! Do this with the axle removed or you may glue the pinion to the gear.

If it's a slipping gear on the axle - remove the axle and glue the gear, again making sure it is in the right place and MAKING SURE the nylon bushes are pushed as far away from the gear as possible. Don't attempt to glue it in with the axle in the car because you run the risk of gluing the axle into the nylon bushes.

If disaster strikes and you get a bit of superglue between two moving parts you don't want to glue - keep them MOVING for at least 10 minutes. That way the damage is limited - the glue will still set but it won't glue the parts together. If it's an axle bush then take the wheels off, remove the bush, clean the dried glue off the axle and replace the bush with a new one. You may need to glue the wheels back on (actually this could also be the problem but it's unlikely that all 4 wheels would come loose at the same time). If it's the motor then lube it (not too much) and run it gently for a while with pauses to let it cool of whilst uttering a prayer to the slot gods!!!

If your gear driven wheels are working fine try the same trick holding the belt driven wheels and keeping hold of the car (because the driven wheels will try to make it drive away!). If the belt driven wheels are not moving you have a broken drive belt OR a slipping belt pulley wheel which will need to be superglued.

Have fun exploring the innards!
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Hi Folks, thanks for the weath of replies and things. After much fun messing around with this I replaced the motor (bought two, one for a previous job on a Skoda, so thought why the hell not) and then started on the internals properly. It turns out that the car - which was second hand anyway - had a rather handmade set of rear lights glued to the inside rear of the chasis, wired into the main assessbly rather badly. Removed these - left the OEM front ones in and hey presto - full power - perhaps even a little too much now - the thing is crazy.

Next Job - magents and placement - any thoughts?
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