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Scalextric Cars: Do you buy Sport or Crystal Case?

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I have been buying for a year now almost all my scalex in Sport edition. What about you?
Do you think it's only a marketing trick from Scalex to make us buy cars more expensive or is it really worth it? I have read that the engine should be better but to be honest I have nerver really seen the difference. Besides sometimes I regret not having the crystal case for those car. The cartoon boxes are nice but mine are always closed for lack of room to expose its opened.

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Whoa, sweet rides, they must have taken a few pennies out of your wallet. SCX cases are crystals but are pretty huge also. It dwarfs my Lister Storm (FLY).Fly do have the best ones because you don't have all this design on the outside of the crystal case disallowing you to see the whole car.
I think it's a bit stupid throwing the boxes in the bin because they are your only way of keeping the car safe off of the track, transportation etc.
I could do with a scaley box for a GT40 (not a sport box), just a normal one.
That wasn't supposed to be an insult. I mean Yeah, you could put them in a display cabinet but if you took them to a Club race, you wouldn't carry a disply case would you and you wouldn't take the car on its own in case it got damaged. It's just how I see it from my point of view and I guess I was wrong to think that it was stupid to throw boxes away. I apologise.
Ok, I started the argument so I'll stop it. It doesn't matter whether you keep them or not, its your choice so lets leave it at that. Comprende?
1 - 5 of 31 Posts
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