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Scalextric Cars: Do you buy Sport or Crystal Case?

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I have been buying for a year now almost all my scalex in Sport edition. What about you?
Do you think it's only a marketing trick from Scalex to make us buy cars more expensive or is it really worth it? I have read that the engine should be better but to be honest I have nerver really seen the difference. Besides sometimes I regret not having the crystal case for those car. The cartoon boxes are nice but mine are always closed for lack of room to expose its opened.

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I didnt like the idea of the Sport edition boxes at first for the reason already mentioned that you couldnt see the model but now that I have a few I must admit that I am beginning to warm to them. They complement each other with their uniform style and I still like to open up the German GT40 for example and drool over its looks and then close the lid down again. Sad but true
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