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Scalextric Cars: Do you buy Sport or Crystal Case?

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I have been buying for a year now almost all my scalex in Sport edition. What about you?
Do you think it's only a marketing trick from Scalex to make us buy cars more expensive or is it really worth it? I have read that the engine should be better but to be honest I have nerver really seen the difference. Besides sometimes I regret not having the crystal case for those car. The cartoon boxes are nice but mine are always closed for lack of room to expose its opened.

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QUOTE And in the right location lined up on a shelf the SPORT packaging with the lid open does present the car so much better.

How do you keep the lid open? I've got 3 Sport cars and lids stay open with no probs (although at different angles), and the third just won't stay open at all!

I do like the little write up of the car that comes with the sport boxes. But I've started buying crystal case cars as there seems to be no perfromance difference out of the box.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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