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scalextric challenger

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i know you guys have probably talked this to death
but forgive me as a newcomer
is this any good as ive read some rather disconcerting reports that people just cant get the thing to run properly
thinking of investing just for the hell of it any just wanted to know if its worth the money and if it gives the pleasure the literature professes??
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When 1st trying my challenger i found it it coming of a lot, so i changed the tyres and found it stayed on longer but still could not get it to stay on for a full 25 laps even after cleaning the track and tyres a number times,so i tried adding another magnet, found that did the trick. Its great now r1 bends 180 as i've got on my track 3off no problem. having great fun chasing it with my audi r8 no mag.

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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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