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scalextric challenger

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i know you guys have probably talked this to death
but forgive me as a newcomer
is this any good as ive read some rather disconcerting reports that people just cant get the thing to run properly
thinking of investing just for the hell of it any just wanted to know if its worth the money and if it gives the pleasure the literature professes??
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The Challenger is best avoided on R1 hairpins (180 degree), as mine goes all over the shop even on slow setting. The thing would definitely be deslotted on fast setting!! I race mine with a Focus rally car and that's a pretty good match. It could be pretty challenging over 50 laps because the Challenger is always consistent, especially if you lose concentration or getting tired.

Whatever you do, just don't deslot your own car and land onto the challenger's slot, as I found out the hard way: my focus deslotted at the beginning of the long straight after a corner and unfortunately slotted right into the wrong track.....BOOOM. It accelerated to top speed all the way and flew straight off into the wall, and that happened to me three times in one night!! Not pretty..

It's definitely fun to play with, I'd say it's worth the money, although you can't take it too seriously since it's only a mindless little beast!
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Hmmm, silicon tyres? Haven't thought of that. Cheers for the advice Chris! Really though I was hoping the car would work perfectly bog-standard, oh well, nothing is ever perfect.

By the way, have you made any more mods or enhancement on your challenger?
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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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