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scalextric challenger

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i know you guys have probably talked this to death
but forgive me as a newcomer
is this any good as ive read some rather disconcerting reports that people just cant get the thing to run properly
thinking of investing just for the hell of it any just wanted to know if its worth the money and if it gives the pleasure the literature professes??
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I for one love the little thing.

If you follow the guidelines on this website for getting up and going its a doddle,
just set it to classic - put some silicon tyres on it and go play !.

The one thing not mentioned in the guide on here is double check all your
connections. I found it was coming out of one R2 (90 degree) bend onto the
main straight way to slow and just thought it was being crap. After some checking
found the connection was not top notch and the bend did not have full power.
Now the challenger being a computer does not notice this and just floor the
throttle like you or I - it simple goes sloooooooow.

So if you see it taking a bend a little slow check the power at that part of the
circuit - normally does the trick.

Other thing to remember is what type of car it is , its a saloony GT car , don't
expect it to keep up with your F1's they will blow it away. (Mine take 1/2 lap per
lap on it).
A GT40 or Mclaren GTR with you in the slower lane - then you got a race.
I've got two Fly models (Classic Porcshe Flunders) where I have to push
solid to stay on the same lap no mind win - so it is quick , but just can't keep
up with super fast/super modified cars.

errr. on top of that cross overs , squeeze chicanes and those r1 bends that
squeeze in before hand - its best to avoid them - its a robot with no sensors and
will take you out everytime and you will join the many posters complaining of
Challenger carnage.

my god i've typed alot , anyway - get one and enjoy !
I raced against mine for 3hr yesterday and loved every minute.

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hmmm , mine flys through r1 (sport track) hairpins - wonder
what the difference is ?

Have you put some silicon tyres on it yet ? , seems to make all the difference
in my eyes.
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QUOTE (FZR1000Exup @ 30 Mar 2004, 18:10)By the way, have you made any more mods or enhancement on your challenger?

Besides knocking out a front head light and making the rear wing wobbly no.

I was looking at it and I don't think you can transfer it to another car or upgrade
the motor. It seems that the car has a kinda preset top speed it reckons it
should be able to get through any bend and trys to achieve it.
However if the car begins to slide (have you noticed it rarely does) it backs off
a little - this is how it adapts to dirty/slippy tracks.
The silicon tyres just give it that extra grip so it can achieve these top speeds
more often.
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1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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