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Scalextric CK1 Cobra Slot Car

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Just browsing Ebay as you do and i spotted this car
Ebay Item 5918862053

Price tag Buy Now £ 1,449.99 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this the most expensive slot car or can someone top that ??

Makes Fly's prices look somewhat humble

Cheers Kev
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Hello Kevin

"Makes Fly's prices look somewhat humble "....sure does. Some people must be... 1,449.99 ?!?
. Guess it is time for some one to have a serius talk

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Cox Chapparal for £ 6600...well..well. You can get many things for that amount. Overpricing in its most insane way.

well i also like spending money, don´t get me wrong. However i know the value of money
but then again...maybe i´m the one that don´t. And he is the one that do.
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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