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It's occurred to me recently that my collection of rally cars doesn't include any Colin McRae liveries. TBH few, if any, of the available ones would have fitted in with my attempts at not duplicating competitors numbers. I do, however, have an SCX Altaya Impreza shell I could use in a new "Colin McRae" catagory.

Slot cars I've come-up with are;-
my existing SCX Impreza
SCX 62470 Sierra
MSC 6001 Impreza S5
SCX Focus 60500
SCX "No Fear" Impreza A10050
SCX mkII Escort 64560
SCX Xsara 61220, 61510 or 62310. Any of these would have to be partially re-liveried as there doesn't appear to ever have been a slot McRae Xsara. Or, I could drop the Xsara as the collection isn't likely to be fully complete as there's never been a slot Subaru Legacy.

Which leaves one car. The Fabia. Now the Scalextric rally cars I've tried so far haven't run very well on my rally track - mainly due to lack of ground clearance. So compared to, say, SCX WRC cars, what are the Scalextric Fabias like? Should I go for it? Or should I give the whole Colin McRae thing a miss? TBH, I only really thought of it because;-
1) I've got a spare shell
2) I've managed to get 3 different Carlos Sainz cars in my collection without even trying.

Opinions appreciated, please, on both the Scalextric Fabia and my idea for a separate CM collection.

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My Fabia goes like the clappers ......... has a 20k motor and no elastic band!
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