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QUOTE Are they to have vintage Scalextric handling or not?
"Vintage" carries an implication of high quality - pardon me while I giggle!

QUOTE We all know the cars are going to have magnets but . . .
Pardon me again, but I don't think we do all know that.
We might guess or assume or even, heaven forbid, speculate!
OK, let's do all three.

The cars should, first and foremost, be designed to run as well as possible with NO magnets whatsoever.

The underside of the car should be designed to make it as easy as possible for the user to add a magnet or possibly more than one.
The preferred magnet would be a transverse bar, with the novelty of being set into a channel on the UNDERSIDE of the chassis. This channel to run the full length of the car, thus allowing the bar magnet to be easily slid to ANY position without the need to disassemble the car at all. Careful design would ensure that more than one magnet could be fitted into the same channel, in any position the owner chose, thus permitting it to be transformed into a magnetic monster by fitting nose to tail magnets, should SheHeIT wish to do so.

Once it sank in that this is the ultimate way to design cars that will appeal to both magnetotophobes and magnetophiles, patent the idea, adapt it to all future designs and make sure that Mecoprop gets a fair cut of the ensuing proceeds.

Waits for applause . . .
Hmmm . . .

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