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Scalextric Conundrum

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QUOTE Comin soon:
MotoGP motorbikes,4wd Skoda rally car, Audi TT and Porsche Boxter and the exciting new vintage F1 series starting with the Maserati 250F and Vanwall are all due later this Summer.

Note the use of the words "the exciting new vintage F1 series starting with" in connection with this announcement on the Scalextric website. Clearly more of these are on the way.

My guess is that these vintage F1 cars will represent something of a conundrum for the racing set up folk at Hornby.

Are they to have vintage Scalextric handling or not?

That is the question.

We all know the cars are going to have magnets but are they to be small button magnets Lotus 7 style or stronger bar magnets GT40 style?

The curved shape of the chassis of these vintage F1 cars is not really condusive to a bar magnet is it so it looks like weaker button magnets will be favoured.

That should of course suit most folk here who prefer the more sedate slot car life with cars that have extremely narrow tyres.

The first cars in a new race series clearly set the tone for the future models.

I wonder if these will be the first SPORT cars to have 2 button magnets?

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Sounds as if we will have an engineering challenge if we choose to have classics without mags - as Sweenie said there will in all probability be not enough room to add weight near the rear axle. Mind you, the likely purchasers will no doubt enjoy the challenge

Can I further endorse the rx41 motor? Yes of course I can 'coz I just did! The Pink Kar Auto Union come with a little HO motor. A great mod is to get the rx41 and adapter. The car then runs like the 600bhp monster the prototype is!!

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Looks like I'm going to have to drag this old chestnut out again. There's nothing "weird" about the analogue control boxes sprouting from the ends of various Parma controllers and homebuilts! In the main the boxes can and do protect the cars form the infamous AC ripple found on those tracks using unregulated power suppiles. Also, I see nothing wrong in being able to set the amount of braking force and "trigger response" when accelerating. After all a Professor motor controller does this for you (if you have the optional brake pot added). Whilst the throttle response curve may not be to your taste, the PM controller endeavours to retain that particular curve, whichever car you place on the track. The analogue boys just have to fiddle it out for themselves. One more thing, these black boxes don't give you a power increase - if the track is 13.8V regulated, then that is what your little car gets up its jacksy on full throttle - NO MORE.

I still use a Parma 25 ohm controller - mainly because I haven't yet got off my fat arse and bought the bits from Maplins or CPC! Or indeed not bought a PM controller yet.

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