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Scalextric Conundrum

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QUOTE Comin soon:
MotoGP motorbikes,4wd Skoda rally car, Audi TT and Porsche Boxter and the exciting new vintage F1 series starting with the Maserati 250F and Vanwall are all due later this Summer.

Note the use of the words "the exciting new vintage F1 series starting with" in connection with this announcement on the Scalextric website. Clearly more of these are on the way.

My guess is that these vintage F1 cars will represent something of a conundrum for the racing set up folk at Hornby.

Are they to have vintage Scalextric handling or not?

That is the question.

We all know the cars are going to have magnets but are they to be small button magnets Lotus 7 style or stronger bar magnets GT40 style?

The curved shape of the chassis of these vintage F1 cars is not really condusive to a bar magnet is it so it looks like weaker button magnets will be favoured.

That should of course suit most folk here who prefer the more sedate slot car life with cars that have extremely narrow tyres.

The first cars in a new race series clearly set the tone for the future models.

I wonder if these will be the first SPORT cars to have 2 button magnets?

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I agree, I think the SCX RX4 is a perfect motor for classics!

- Quite heavy (compared to other motors around).

- Relativly slow acceleration (compared to other motors).

- But still quite a good top speed.

They make the cars slide nicely and the extra weight at the bottom makes tham a bit more stable.

I just hope that these cars will have chassis, rather than everything mounted in the body like the old Scalextric cars did.

I probably won't buy one unless they bring out a car that I like or someone creates a championship for them, but I realise that some people are very excited about these, and what with the disapointment of non-leaning bikes, I think Hornby should make sure that they get these right.

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Wow, sound like crap to me.

I don't care what controller you have, a magnet car (Scaley mags) will never handle like a no-mag car. Not possible.

Tell me, this wonder controller is it just one big dial; Slow > Fast?
How else is your average Joe 7-year-old gonna figure out how to program it?

Dunno about that Ninco Scaley price comparisson, but all you got to do is speak to a dealer. Who here pays RRP for any slot car? (Mugs put your hands up). I can get any Ninco for at least £3-4 cheaper than equivilent Scaley ones. (What am I saying, no Scaley cars are equivelent to Ninco cars!)

Anyway, you hate the little black boxes, so why do you love these little Hornby black boxes? And 'Drive by wire'? How much are these gonna be?

Conclusion, are you sure you got your facts right this time?

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Well said.

And BTW, anyone who just read your post moped will realise your complete ineptability at quoting.

I meant what you were saying sounds like crap to me. Not the actual products.

Infinatly variable: I'll let someone else get that one!

That's funny moped, never condemed magnet users in this post... It you saw it somewhere else, then comment on it there! I don't have a problem with magnet users, so long as they don't use them near me. When people say that magnets are the only way to go, I think narrow minded. Screw this... I'm not getting into this again.

QUOTE What I want is a Scalextric vintage F1 Vanwall that has realistic handling and this will mean a magnet in one form or another.

You what? Magnets simulate downforce, of which the 50's cars had none. So in fact any form of magnet is making it completely unrealistic. Explian the logic behind this please.

Anyway, the reason that non-mag users bitch about Hornby stuff is that they are designed to run only with magnets. If they were designed, as Mr Material said, as nonmags, then put mags in, they would still be good with no mags. As it is all Hornby are doing is taking the license to produce good cars away from Fly, Ninco and others.

So... check your facts, you are talking about physically impossible stuff.

Also use the quote feature, that way you actually present what other people have said, not what you have read.


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