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Scalextric Conundrum

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QUOTE Comin soon:
MotoGP motorbikes,4wd Skoda rally car, Audi TT and Porsche Boxter and the exciting new vintage F1 series starting with the Maserati 250F and Vanwall are all due later this Summer.

Note the use of the words "the exciting new vintage F1 series starting with" in connection with this announcement on the Scalextric website. Clearly more of these are on the way.

My guess is that these vintage F1 cars will represent something of a conundrum for the racing set up folk at Hornby.

Are they to have vintage Scalextric handling or not?

That is the question.

We all know the cars are going to have magnets but are they to be small button magnets Lotus 7 style or stronger bar magnets GT40 style?

The curved shape of the chassis of these vintage F1 cars is not really condusive to a bar magnet is it so it looks like weaker button magnets will be favoured.

That should of course suit most folk here who prefer the more sedate slot car life with cars that have extremely narrow tyres.

The first cars in a new race series clearly set the tone for the future models.

I wonder if these will be the first SPORT cars to have 2 button magnets?

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QUOTE In fact all other controllers become redundant once the Scalextric Digital and SPORT World control systems are released as they will have infinitely variable multiphase settings.

It will offer a "drive by wire" type of control enabling your vintage F1 cars to have totally realistic speed performance. This will also of course mean that you will be able to set up the controller to match each car enabling you to race with any two identically performing cars on your home circuit from any of the cars in your collection, all be it with different control settings.

mope this quote seem to be exactly what you have been complaining about as cheating in your anti black box post
but because scalex have a "digital " control its now ok
QUOTE If I made one up I would have 20 or so dummy switches and stick it in a big dummy box to which I would attach a body harness to help support it to really frighten people
Sorry that you have a fear of the size of it mope
but all the details have been available on my website and the bscra web for every one to see and build if they want one for a couple of years,we have 12 yr old kids building there own at preston and turning in 6.5 second magnet free laps so it aint rocket science or cheatin.try it you might wish you had earlier might help you to understand the reason isnt just to get an advantage .At wolverhampton last year I left my controler at home used a 40 yr old mrrc barrel and finished 10th out of 50 and top proslot runner ,I wasnt as comfortable using this as my regular handle but I still ended up with probably as good a finish as I would have using the electronic ,but I dont have to carry a box full of different resitance controlers round to venues around the country ,makes sense to me
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