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Scalextric Digital C1276 Platinum

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Hi all

Just in case you missed Richardtheforth's post in "Bargains" here's one not to miss if you're thinking of going digital. Link
- £12 p&p to France (& Europe?).

PS I don't have any shares in Amazon ... yet!
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Heads up on the C1276 Platinum set at £350 at The Modeller
Looks like you got the last one Mark, enjoy your kick start into the advanced digital world
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Heads up for a competition to win a Digital Platinum Set.

As usual, I imagine they will probably use your address for marketing mailings.
C7042 APB alone is currently £81.99 inc delivery on Amazon UK.
C1330 Platinum set now at £350 odd on Amazon UK. Seems likes if an Amazon Marketplace seller drops the price they follow to with a couple of quid - in this case Hawkin's Bazaar.
It's a bit of a lottery if it's woth waiting to see if the price drops more or not - it was around £330 for a couple of days in September.
1 - 6 of 149 Posts
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