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Scalextric Digital C1276 Platinum

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Hi all

Just in case you missed Richardtheforth's post in "Bargains" here's one not to miss if you're thinking of going digital. Link
- £12 p&p to France (& Europe?).

PS I don't have any shares in Amazon ... yet!
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I was rather annoyed that I missed out on this set at such a great price, but are doing it for £334.99 and by going via quidco I've managed to get a whole 2% cashback too.

still not as good as £300 at Amazon but still a bargain I think

Steve, I bought that set from Play and I've a feeling that they don't actually have any stock as my order is still awaiting

but the amazon seller is actually modelzone, and a quick check on their web site


shows the price in store is £399 too.

I know before Christmas they had a booklet available which had a 10% voucher inside for use in January, but I think it didn't include sale items.

1 - 2 of 149 Posts
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