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Scalextric Digital C1276 Platinum

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Hi all

Just in case you missed Richardtheforth's post in "Bargains" here's one not to miss if you're thinking of going digital. Link
- £12 p&p to France (& Europe?).

PS I don't have any shares in Amazon ... yet!
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C7042 = £125
2x C7024 =£80
2x C7036 = £75

Thats about your £300

plus then free get 6 chips = £72
6 cars say £150
6 throttles £60
track, barriers etc

I think it was good value at £500, let alone £300. That can't be much above trade. Sometimes the big stores do sell stuff at ridiculous margins. I'll have 3...
It is a £500 set, those prices were incredible and I would think that we won't see them again.
Says £429 now
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6 cars @£20, 6 DPR chips @£13, APB @£150

2 XLC free
6 throttles free
2 PSU free
all track free

I maintain it is a bargain at £500, £300 is ridiculous.
Congratulations! Now the fun begins....
3 Carrera grandstands!
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The new Platinum set C1330 is £100 off on the Scalextric website...
They just updated the cars, replaced the two Porsche 997s with McLarens or something like that. just two cars changed
Found it, original one had lamborghinis, they were replaced by McLarens.
Its so cheap I keep thinking I should buy one myself even though of all the people I really do not need one!

Buy one, sell the chips for £10 each, cars for £20 each and throttles for £10 each and that gives you £240, sell the PSUs for £30 each and you have covered your money and have for FREE
All the track
two XLCs
a C7042 spare
1 - 9 of 149 Posts
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