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Scalextric Digital C1276 Platinum

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Hi all

Just in case you missed Richardtheforth's post in "Bargains" here's one not to miss if you're thinking of going digital. Link
- £12 p&p to France (& Europe?).

PS I don't have any shares in Amazon ... yet!
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Excellent rice, considerings what's in the set, however need my pennies at the moment for the wireless controllers. Amazon also you Yodel, which are hopeless, also use camelcamelcamel to monitor Amazon prices as see if the set drops even lower in new year. Makes you wonder what the mark up is on these sets, because even at this price Amazon must be making a profit.
Well could not resist this bargin any longer, found I had some vouchers from my credit card to help pay for it.
Top marks to Amazon and Yodel (who took a lot of stick before Xmas for poor delivery) delivered in 2 days of ordering, some new cars to try out this afternoon.
At £300 these sets were a steal, I worked out that the contents would be at least £700 to buy separately. Even though £300 at this time of year is a lot of money still had to grab one, for the cars and a few spares.

Rules with Scalextric is buy the biggest set you can afford as this is the most cost effective way of starting out.

Doubt you find this for £300 again this year, but you never know with Amazon, maybe next xmas

However worth remembering that the price fluctuates on Amazon depending if they are selling it or a third party. can be used to monitor prices and there is an add-in if your use chrome as your browser.
At £350 this is a good buy, it must be to pay the shipping to Oz, still watching Amazon to see if they will repeat the £300 offer.
Now out of stock at the Modeller, so looks like a few people have done their Christmas shopping early!
Hopefully be some bargains come Jan as stockiest look to shift unsold stock, I will be in the market for one at £300, got the Amazon watch on.
Bought one from Amazon fo £300 a fw years back, any chance the rice may get nearer this mark on Black Friday, £400 is still a great price for what you get.
QUOTE (Ade @ 20 Dec 2015, 14:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thats what Jadlam will be doing for xmas.

Over the years but a lot from Jadlam and their split box deals, but this price from Hawkins is to good to miss, as need a few extra cars and spares.

Lets hope they have enough sets to satisfy demand, half expect an email tomorrow saying out of stock or missed priced!
Received confirmation overnight that order had shipped, and was expecting it to be be delivered tomorrow do surprised when it turned up at lunch time today. A rather large box crammed full of Scalextric goodies, box seal in tack and all as it should be. A bargain at £300. Still more for sale on Amazon at this price if you are tempted, you wont be disappointed.
1 - 11 of 149 Posts
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