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Scalextric Digital C1276 Platinum

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Hi all

Just in case you missed Richardtheforth's post in "Bargains" here's one not to miss if you're thinking of going digital. Link
- £12 p&p to France (& Europe?).

PS I don't have any shares in Amazon ... yet!
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Congratulations! Now the fun begins....
The Scalextric Platinum Set is currently £399.99 @ ModelZone. use the following Promo Code to get 20% off, BLACK20 makes it £319.99
Did this work?? Black20 offer states that scalextric is excluded.
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QUOTE (thoefnagel @ 21 Nov 2012, 09:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I paid 480 for it so very nice deal for you! Now hope it is complete

I'll find out on X-mas day!
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Although problems are the exception, not the rule, if the set is for anyone else but you, I suggest you open and test the important pieces prior to the big day. Last thing you want is to discover a bad car, PSU, lane changer, or lord forbid, the APB. If you find a bad part, there's still time to get a warranty replacement from Hornby, maybe, but at the very least you can mitigate any disappointment by steering around any problems.
QUOTE (tofuboy @ 24 Nov 2012, 16:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Did this work?? Black20 offer states that scalextric is excluded.

Apparently it was working for Scalextric until late Friday night.
not checked myself, just going by what a friend told me
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Scalextric Digital C1276 Platinum is on sale for £329.99 at

(there's also C7036 for £24.49 or C7015 for £23.99 and some other Scalextric stuff with discounts up to 50%)
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Thanks for the heads up ...... there are some tremendous bargains .....

DPR chips for £9.09, "Old Faithful" MGB - £25, new style grandstands £13 ..... to name but a few
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Thanks so much for the heads up. Digital Platinum set ordered. Woohoo, we're going digital, baby !
Stoooo - you will need to order a cable from either RichG or Rikorocket, so that you can upgrade the the APB's firmware (internal software). The standard version is 0.85 and the the latest is v1.09, afterwards you can use the cable to connect a PC to the APB to increase the fun ........ but then, you probably knew all of this ....
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Ordering the cable was the very next thing I did after placing my order for the set. I've been saving up for this since Feb 2012, and this price meant I could get it now rather than having to wait until September, when I would have had enough for the usual £400 Modelzone weekend price. Next on the list will be some Inox MX3, I'm sure, but that's going to have to wait until next month.

Doin' my happy dance, doin' my happy dance
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Welcome to the very dark side ..........
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Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha. Now I just need to figure out a cunning plan to fit it on my 8'x8' base.
Just ordered Fast & Furious Limited edition set for £53.99, cheapest I've seen elsewhere is £80, Top Heads Up, cheers Guys. Regards Jason
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3 Carrera grandstands!
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Yikes, Digital Platinum set is already gone. That didn't take long. Am I ever glad I was in a decisive mood today

In case some of you haven't picked up on it yet, I am so very excited about this.
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I could not sleep when I tracked down a full modded PB-Pro SH for sale back in Feb 2009 until it arrived. After 6 months, I was so worried about anything going wrong with it that I bought a second one as a backup ........ it was either that or return to the dreaded PB4 ....
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Blast. I dithered too long and missed out on the platinum box set. All sold out now. Did manage to order aload of track parts though as they are mostly much cheaper than elsewhere. Also ordered four c7036 xlc's from tesco direct as they are selling still at £22 each and they do direct to your local store which even includes those little express shops. The photo on the tesco d8rect site is of the digital lap counter but the wording is ofthe c7036 and all over my order ddetails its the aame so will soon find out later today.
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Wow ..... ordered some Grandstands, chips and an MGB at 2:00pm on Friday ...... just unpacked them today ....

Brilliant service Mr Modeller ....

Their price for the Rt-hand pit lane is the same as Tesco's Lt-hand one and bizarely their Lt-hand one is as expensive as tesco's Rt-hand one ..
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