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QUOTE (astro @ 14 Oct 2004, 12:46)The plans are for a 'digital pro' system to come out later, as well as the analogue 'sport world' system.

These sheare a base station - like a power -track piece, but need a control/power pod to work. You pop the digital pro pod in and race digital; pop the sport world pod in and race analogue.

Just havent heard any dates for these things, or much news about them lately, but thats the game plan as I understand it.

Could you have both the digital powerbase and a regular sport powerbase on the same track? You plug on it and run digital, and then unplug it, connect the analog one and run analog?

I have a decent 2 lane scaley sport layout for my apartment. I would really love to convert it to digital, but I imagine converting all of my cars to digital right away would be super expensive.

Any idea when the Scaley digital set will hit the streets? I would love to buy it right now. I'm real tempted to get the Carrera digital, but I think I'll wait for the Scaley set. The ability to convert all of my current cars and keep all of my current sport track is enough incentive to wait. Being able to convert my Pro Slot and Slot Its to digital too is also worth the wait.
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