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Haven’t raced it yet, but initial mods were fitting longer (50 mm)axles so that the car has a better stance and could take easier the bends, slot it pinion 11T was installed and crow changed for a Slotmania generic crown(bronze/plastic) 25T, bronze bushings also were fitted in the rear axle.

If the guide is the problem, I could try fitting a 3dp guide , but will wait to see if the mods already done are good enough, the goal is to get it running very close to a Scx-Altaya F1 car, the motor shouldn’t be the problem as its powerful enough, the handling is another story.

This F 1 open wheeler is smaller then all the other F 1 open Wheeler's from Scalextric. Fitted MJK 4207 20.8 x 9.6 tyre height and with urethane tyres . MJK 4208 20.7 x 11.7 should also fit
if extra width maters. Only had the 4207 so that' it for the time being.
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