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I've just seen on AOL Money News that Scalextric have signed a licensing deal with Ferrari.

We'd like a 550 Maranello, 360 Racing version, 330 P4, the early 60s Le Mans cars and the classic F1 cars please. Thank you very much. This may link to the article:

or, indeed, may not!


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The AOL link doesn't work for me, you may have to have AOL. This mentions the deal: Reuters link

Another link.

Today's News: Hornby Plc (HRN LN): The U.K.'s largest maker of toy trains said said first-half profit rose 18 percent as sales of both Hornby train models and Scalextric racing cars increased.

Net income in the first-half ended Sept. 30 rose to 1.77 million pounds ($3.27 million), or 4.55 pence a share, from 1.5 million pounds, or 3.91 pence, the year before, the company said. Sales rose 20 percent to 19 million pounds.

The shares rose 11.5 pence, or 4.2 percent, to 284 pence.

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YESSSSSSSSSSS! , at last - just what the doctor ordered !
At last I can have a Ferrari to race against my Williams,Toyota and Mclarens.
(I never been a fan of carrera cars - good in there own right but need WAY to much
work to race against other makes).

I agree with mooster - 550 , 360 would be fab
, also a nice Enzo
& Dino

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Hopefully the Bridgestones they put on their F1's will have more grip than their Michelins!

This is good news, especially if its a worldwide deal...

So many models to make, it's all good!!! Happy days in the model making department I'm sure.

P4's at a decent price and more exacting 1/32 scale would be near the top of my list which is quite long!

Go Hornby! I hope to see the details of this and your 2005 list soon.

Ken R

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This is brilliant news, I am a sucker for any of the red italian cars. There is always something slightly mystical about a Ferrari, even in 1/32. I too would love a P4 and a modern F1 to go with those GT40's and Williams/Renaults.

I expect I should keep this news from my wife since my wallet is probably going to be a lot lighter next year!

The Ferrari license issue has been a thorn in the side of Hornby's aspirations for several years. This is just the news the development team wanted to hear I expect. Looking forward to the new releases already!


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"Hornby said group pre-tax profits had risen by 20% to £2.6 million in the first half of the year to September 30 on the back of a similar rise in sales of the Hornby and Scalextric brands to £19 million."

So sales up 20%.

"Sales growth in the UK had come from all distribution channels, and in-store concessions, of which the group now has 121, had grown sales by 60%."

Wait a minute. Total sales up 20%, but instore consession up 60%?

Assuming that means deals like own branded sets in Marks & Spencer and Next, etc, then the hobby shops must be failing big time.

This reflects what I'm told by the few retailers in know. Unless we see a massive boost from Christmas sales I expect many old style hobby shops to go under before the next financial year.

· Russell Sheldon
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Great results, although it seems that Honby's sales in the US have declined for the third successive year.

From the Chairman's review:-

"Sales of Hornby railway products increased again during the first six months, buoyed by an enlarged range of Live Steam locomotives and additional liveries of our Q1 and Class 50 locomotives. During the second half of the current financialyear we expect to see strong sales of the retooled A4 locomotive and the new range of "Teak" coaches.

Scalextric sales also increased, supported by the introduction of the MotoGP motorbikes and sets.

During the second half of the current financial year we expect to experience strong demand for the newly introduced Scalextric Digital system.

I am also delighted to announce that a number of new licences have been agreed which we believe will underpin further growth in Scalextric sales in future financial years. Most notable amongst these licences are the rights to produce Scalextric models based on Ferrari road and competition cars, including Formula 1.

Sales growth in the UK during the first half of the year has come from all our channels of distribution. In particular, in-store concessions in the UK have shown impressive sales growth of 60%. Between 30 September 2003 and 30 September 2004, the number of these outlets grew from 70 to 121.

Export markets continue to offer significant scope for growth, although some markets, notably North America, have experienced difficult trading conditions during the past six months.

Nevertheless International sales have also increased during this period. The Company has continued to benefit from the relative strength of Sterling against the Hong Kong Dollar, the currency in which the majority of our products are purchased."

· Matt Tucker
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Ferrari news is only good for us and the US unless the Hot Wheels US exclusive licence still stands.

A 250SWB and LM and a P4 would be my choices - this would allow me to be able to give these cars the good thrashing they deserve. I'm happy to Sunday drive my Racer and Slot Classic versions around but I can't bring myself to give em a good slogging.

Batmobile - no thanks - these movie cars don't get my juices going one bit.


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Well, a Schumacher Ferrari would be nice.

Having said that, any car from Scott's thread would be fantastic. I think my collection would be complete.

This guy is a F1 legend (one of many) but his name is synonymous with Ferrari like Ascari, Lauda, Schumacher.

Scalextric could produce a great model, even better if they dropped the magnet. Now if it was Fly... it would be awesome. I do hope Fly one day change their mind on the current stance on F1's.

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