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Scalextric Ferraris

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I've just seen on AOL Money News that Scalextric have signed a licensing deal with Ferrari.

We'd like a 550 Maranello, 360 Racing version, 330 P4, the early 60s Le Mans cars and the classic F1 cars please. Thank you very much. This may link to the article:

or, indeed, may not!

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Hopefully the Bridgestones they put on their F1's will have more grip than their Michelins!

This is good news, especially if its a worldwide deal...

So many models to make, it's all good!!! Happy days in the model making department I'm sure.

P4's at a decent price and more exacting 1/32 scale would be near the top of my list which is quite long!

Go Hornby! I hope to see the details of this and your 2005 list soon.

Ken R
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