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Scalextric Ferraris

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I've just seen on AOL Money News that Scalextric have signed a licensing deal with Ferrari.

We'd like a 550 Maranello, 360 Racing version, 330 P4, the early 60s Le Mans cars and the classic F1 cars please. Thank you very much. This may link to the article:

or, indeed, may not!

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Wow, this is good news. Imagine. A FULL grid of Scaley F1s! I'd like to see a 250 SWB, a P4, a 333 SP and a 312 PB also. There are many others...

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QUOTE Racer already do a DECENT P4

True. Racer's P4 is just gorgeous. But if Scaley do it, I can afford to have several in my stable and I won't be so reluctant to race them.

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