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Scalextric Ferraris

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I've just seen on AOL Money News that Scalextric have signed a licensing deal with Ferrari.

We'd like a 550 Maranello, 360 Racing version, 330 P4, the early 60s Le Mans cars and the classic F1 cars please. Thank you very much. This may link to the article:

or, indeed, may not!

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"Hornby said group pre-tax profits had risen by 20% to £2.6 million in the first half of the year to September 30 on the back of a similar rise in sales of the Hornby and Scalextric brands to £19 million."

So sales up 20%.

"Sales growth in the UK had come from all distribution channels, and in-store concessions, of which the group now has 121, had grown sales by 60%."

Wait a minute. Total sales up 20%, but instore consession up 60%?

Assuming that means deals like own branded sets in Marks & Spencer and Next, etc, then the hobby shops must be failing big time.

This reflects what I'm told by the few retailers in know. Unless we see a massive boost from Christmas sales I expect many old style hobby shops to go under before the next financial year.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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