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· Russell Sheldon
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It's great to see these very competitively priced cars being marketed by Scalextric but I was wondering if IRL cars were such a good choice?

I've just finished watching the last couple of laps of the Toyota Indy 400 at the California Speedway and couldn't help but notice just how empty the spectator stands were.

Is there a market for IRL cars, or will they sell on price alone?

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I don't really like to watch races on oval tracks (NASCAR and IRL) but when the Scaley IRLs came out, I had to buy four of them for the look (I love open-wheel race cars) and for the price.

They are great! Not as smooth as recent Scaley F1s but a lot of fun and a lot of speed for the money. When guests come over and want to race quick cars, I'm always a little nervous about letting them race my Scaley Sport F1s.

With the IRLs, they have fun and I'm not nervous.

Tyres are soft and the front wings are pretty tough, even if they don't look like it. Rear wings just come off, without getting broken.

If you want REALLY cheap open-wheel cars for fun, get the F3000 single-seaters.

If you want cheap open-wheel cars for fun and speed, get the IRLs.

If you want great open-whell cars for a lot of fun and speed, get the F1s.

There's something for everyone and every budget.

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It's a fair question.
I think they will sell well in USA and not at all badly everywhere else, simply because they are really excellent cars at a great price. Not everyone is driven or even financially able to make slot racing choices based on motor sport achievements. Often, their choice is based on family budget and we on the boards tend to forget that huge quantities of slot cars are sold as toys to kids , rather than as high quality models to enthusiastic, sometimes knowledgeable adults . These cars have the same competititive motor and transmissions as any other Scalextric car, they are tough and they look great too. I am quite sure there is a reasonable market for them, although they probably won't break any sales records! Scalextric are very wise to provide a spread across this large range of buyers and it's something none of the other big manufacturers seem to have ccottoned on to.

· Allan Wakefield
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I personally think the point is not the series they represent - see the fantasy liveries available even cheaper..

It is the fact that for an entry level car and for the price - they are just the bees Knees!

I think also that a minor race series, with it's presumeably lower liscence fees is a perfect venue to bring high quality cars for beginners and kids into the Hobby.

Scalextric have done alot recently and seem to get overlooked in the praise stakes no matter what they do. That might have something to do with the over zealous home grown marketing that goes on at times
A sort of anti reaction if you like.

So WELL DONE Scaley ! I think it was a great move towards getting more folk interested regardless of Country markets.


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Scaley has also been bringing a portable track to the IRL races this season and introducing a lot of people to slot car racing... Something we here in the US need very much.

Had I not walked in to a local hobby shop looking for model train items I doubt that even I would know anything about them. Anything Scaley can do to make it more wide spread, tracks at races or $19.95 cars, then I am all for it!

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