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Scalextric James Bond Set review

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Just browsing through a few magazines and discovered this. Not bad action shots considering. For those of you under 40 who cannot remember this set, it was the Scalextric Digital of its day but using rubber bands and mechanical switches in a rather imaginary way rather than cutting edge technology:-

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Love the photo of the Shelby Cobra Coupe at Goodwood!

The Bond sets from the sixties were a cute toy, but they never sold well in the US. The Gilbert 1/43 scale set was less expensive and the serious slot racer in the US had a wide range of Revell and Monogram race sets to choose from. Even ten years ago these Bond sets were relatively common here in the US. Today with eBay I wish I had kept at least one of the sets or at least the DB5!

However the 1/24 scale Scalextric catalog is the best Scalextric item in the pictures. These sets are excellent! The unique three slot track was wonderful! With high quality hard plastic track and stainless steel power rails it shows they did know how to make a hobby quality item. Too bad this line was short-lived.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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