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These are really something on the track

I went through my whole car collection with a friend this week, pulling out pairs of Cobra's, Porsche's, GT40's, Lambo's and Enzo's etc

We ended up with this pair of white L88 Vettes from Scalextric as they arrived this week. They turned out to be really good. Sticking to the Sport track very well and only coming off in very extreme circumstances. Fast and agile with a little tail out every now and then. Out the box, these classic Vettes are much quieter that the front in-line Fly cars. The lights were bright and looked cool with the room lights off.

It was also very interesting racing two identical cars - confusion can set in

If the Sport versions promise to be even better and the TVR's following the same front in-line engine layout then there are things to look forward to from good old Scaley!

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A very arty pic - I like that!
Don't expect Sport versions to have any improved performance.
The general opinion of racers is that there is no difference and that Sport may even have a very slight disadvantage, if anything . . .
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