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Hi everyone.

I use Scealxtric C8409 Lemans hubs and tyres on most of my GT, LMP cars. Since tyres are all silicone I am searching for Urethane version but I can't find any with required dimensions.

I measured the tyre and as far as I can see it has:

external diameter 21mm
width 11mm
inner diameter 15,6mm
groove diameter 17,6mm (measured on the hub)
groove width 6,5 (measured on the hub)

If I list dimensions in line with drawing from wasp site ( they would be:
Diameter(A) x Width(B ) x Profile(C ) x Groove(D)
21 x 11 x 2,7 x 6,5

Any ideas or hints?

Thank you.

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give wayne69x a pm as he makes urethane to order. I have just recieved my first order,much better than the siicone tyres. They are a lot more consistent in performance.

You can even buy a kit of him if you fancy giving it a try...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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