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Scalextric LMP Peugeot 908 BLACK test car

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So I got myself this nice carbon black Peugeot 908 from ebay.
The guideholder was broken, but that was easily fixed with the so called "safetypin" method. (somebody posted a howto guide about this here on the forum, thanks! It works like a charm, I already repaired 3 cars with this solution!)

Shown for reference on a different car is the repair method:

Anyway the beautiful car we are talking about here is this one:

And immediately you see the difficulty this livery poses on the Scalextric track (I wish they'd have switched to grey as SCX did, but unfortunately that wasn't to be...)

Black Car Black just don't see it...
Hmm, that reminds me of this fine example to make my point

But of course this is better off in the funny pictures topic...

So back to the Peugeot.
Since this was the (carbon) testcar, there is no use in sticking it full of decals, cause that would make it into the car I already posessed,

So I came up with something else.
Of course this (digital) car is modded (standard for all my DPR cars with lights) so the lights stay on even when at standstill. (Pretty dumb that Scaley don't wire them like this anymore since the introduction of DPR...It imposes nearly no extra cost, and the result is much, much more appealing, when you see a car with it's lights on ALL the time...)
But the visibilty improvement mod consisted of just adding 3 blue LEDS (on a ledstrip) stuck to the inside of the cockpit.
The result is quite spectacular, and I am very pleased how it turned out!

The blue LEDs are so bright they even reflect off the silver painted mirrors!

This reminds me of the movie "Cannonball Run" with the Japs driving their invisible car...

Pretty intense racing, and unmistakenly good visible! (even in bright daylight!)

Hope you like, I like (free after Borat...


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QUOTE (mgmike @ 4 Feb 2012, 21:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I like the glow but why did you need 3 led's. Next is neon's like the boy racers around here.

Its because the LEDstrips are "wired" (soldered on the strip actually) per 3 with a matching resistor, so you can power them with 9-15Volts without needing anything else...(I was too lazy to figure out a resistor value for just one, plus I wanted a lot of light (i.e. even visible during the day)


1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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