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Scalextric Lotus 49 and Eagle Weslake

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I have just received one of the Scalextric "1967 Year of Legends" limited edition boxed sets, containing stunning replicas of Jim Clark's 1967 Lotus 49 and Dan Gurney's 1967 Eagle Weslake. All I can say is WOW!

Once again, Scalextric has raised the bar. Because of their intricacies, beautifully detailed 1960's Formula One cars are rare in 1/32nd scale-- indeed not since Monogram produced their fabulous, if slightly oversized, Lotus 33 and Ferrari 158 in 1965, have I seen such fabulous F1 models such as these.

The pinnacle of 1960's F1 machinery, the Eagle Weslake is one of the most beautiful racing cars ever produced while the Lotus 49 was one of the best.

Jim Clark won on the Lotus 49's debut in 1967, and it would also provide him with the last win of his career at the South African Grand Prix in 1968. Graham Hill went on to win that year's title and the car continued winning races until 1970.

Two incredible machines, two legendary drivers. A remarkable era in motor sport.

Only 7,000 pieces will issued worldwide with 2,130 going to the UK market, so contact Electric Dreams and place your order now!

With kind regards,

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The most beautiful slot cars, full stop, I would say Russell. I have three sets on order. I really can't wait to get mine. Let's hope we can get some other cars from this classic period of Grand Prix racing - Repco Brabham, Ferrari 312 etc. I would love to see some more pics if you have any.
They are beautiful! I hope Scaley release other variants of the Lotus 49,such as Mario Andretti's Gold Leaf machine,and Jo Siffert's privately run machine. Two interesting models for Scaley to consider.
Stunning cars! I have the Carousel 1 1:18th diecast version of Dan Gurney's Belgian GP winner and it is a stunning model. I'm pretty certain I'll be getting one in 1:32nd! As the real thing was designed as both a F1 and Indy car, it would be interesting if Scalextric made some Indy versions as well.

There are so many variants of the Lotus 49 that could be made as well, very promising for the future. I'd certainly love Jo Siffert's 1968 Brands Hatch winning Rob Walker Lotus 49, and some high winged ones would be interesting too, but probably not great for racing!
I hope I will be able to get these cars soon. They will make great additions to my Classic F1s!

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Have these really arrived, or is it just a crafty advert for Electric Dreams?
Russell, I wholeheartedly concur. With regard to the actual and the models.
WOW, even more impressive than I had hoped!

Should be here in Oz soon I hope!
I have mine on order from Sean at Pendles and am really looking forward to them as well.

Looking at Russell's photos though shows a complete mess up by Scalextric. The Lotus 49 is completely wrong, it has the small windscreen with fibreglass or aluminium cockpit surround that was only used at the Dutch and Belgian GP yet it has the markings from the Mexican GP. They have also made the common mistake of giving Jim Clark a black crash helmet which at no time in his career did he wear. A very poor bit of research by Scalex unless Russell has some sort of prototype set not for public use?

David - when I get to be able to build a car as well as you do - I would let wrong markings influence me!!

I will buy this set and smile, however.........
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Awww David! Complete mess-up? I'm extremely happy that they have very considerately given us tinkerers and rivet anoraks something to do to these otherwise beautiful looking models. I'm starting to get depressed that there's nothing left for us scratchbuilders to do that the big boys aren't doing better these days.
What a long way Scaley have come. These are really lovely. Even the drivers are the right size.
Unfair to judge from photos, but is maybe the Lotus green a bit 'mossy' and the Eagle blue likewise a little too grey?

Oh-oh- now I'm doing it too. These are great models. I can't wait to get them. Doffed caps all round and a big thank you to Scaley.
I'm quite happy being called a rivet counter!

I agree with you John that it is fast becoming harder for scratchbuilders to find subjects that the rtr market hasn't covered but at least as long as they continue to make errors like with the Lotus it allows us the opportunity to build an accurate version for ourselves.

I do agree that Scalextric have come on light years from their offerings of 20 years ago and I still think they are by far the market leader with superb cars as well as their range, their innovations and their track and accessories. But the errors they've made with the Lotus are so easily avoided.

Having said that I can't wait to get these cars.

QUOTE (Ragnar @ 19 Mar 2008, 04:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I hope I will be able to get these cars soon. They will make great additions to my Classic F1s!


buy two sets! then at least you can race them
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Does anybody know what motor they have. Hopefully they won't be the darts the other vintage scaley F1 cars came with.
You got the set two and a half months before the official release date of June 2008?
If the venerable Mr Sheldon says he has it............the i for one beleive him!
Firstly, sincere apologies to all the retailers who sponsor Slotforum. I did not mean to infer that Electric Dreams, although also a Slotforum sponsor, actually had these in stock. I originally posted this on Slotblog, where Electric Dreams is the exclusive sponsoring retailer, and forgot to edit the post before posting here. No offense meant.

Secondly, yes, I do have the very first set produced and as of right now I'm the only person in the world to have a set. I don't know if it is a 'prototype' but suspect that it is identical to the sets currently being shipped to retailers.

Thirdly, to the 'rivet counters'. In fairness to Scalextric, unlike Fly and a few other manufacturers, they have never claimed that any of the cars which they have produced are models of a specific version that competed in any specific race. They do however claim that they manufacture toy electric racing cars, which are representations of specific makes of actual cars.

While the 1967 Legends set is a celebration of Clark's Lotus 49 and Gurney's Eagle, the text on the box merely states that on the 18th of June 1967, Dan Gurney took an historic win in the Belgian Grand Prix, the Eagle Weslake's first and only victory. Regarding the Lotus 49, they state that the car first appeared at the 1967 Dutch Grand Prix, where Clark went on to score its debut Grand Prix. They also mention Clark's 1967 Italian Grand Prix drive, regarded as one of the greatest ever in F1 even to this day, and his win in Mexico, where he equalled Juan Manuel Fangio in terms of victories.

Yes, there are issues with the Lotus - certainly with the one I have. Unlike the Eagle, the tyre sidewalls are not tampo-printed; perhaps it's a licensing issue with Firestone? Yes, the cockpit cowl / windscreen are from the version that raced in the Dutch Grand Prix yet the livery, according to David, is from the Mexican Grand Prix (I'm not sure about that, though. All the pictures which I have seen show the car having black numbers on white roundel). And yes, Clark's helmet is matt black instead of being dark blue.

Here are a couple of more pictures:

The motor clips into the chassis, while the front and rear axles clip into the body. The body and chassis is attached by way of 5 small screws.

I like the screw fixing of the guide, which rotates freely. I've not seen this on Scalextric cars before and wish that all manufacturers would do this, to reduce the amount of guide 'wobble' which almost all r-t-r cars suffer from. Maurizio, please take note!

This picture shows the relative size of the Lotus 49 compared to a Scalextric McLaren MP4/21 (yes, it's a prototype model of the McLaren - I am a very lucky guy!)

With kind regards,

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Can't wait to get my grubby mitts on those two!-Is it too much to hope for more of the same?A Ferrari 312B/Lotus 72 pairing?.....
Just to slip my anorak on again to count a couple more rivets....

The 49 raced at Spa and Zandvoort with the full height cockpit surround and small windscreen, at Zandvoort it was number five but had no other markings, at Spa it was number 21 and again had no other markings.

Clark won four GPs that season and coincidently his race number was always number 5 when he was victorious.

In Mexico the markings are more or less as per the Scalex car. In fact there was a white race number on the near side of the car (with the water pipe) and on the off side they had a white roundel with a black number on it.

The only error on the Eagle are the trade decals that were'nt on the car when Dan gurney won at Spa.

Sadly, I can trot this stuff out even without looking up my any of references. My excuse being that in 1967 I watched every scrap of the limited TV coverage available, bought every magazine with GP coverage in it that I could lay my hands on and have continued with my love of all things Lotus and the great Jim Clark for the last 40 years.

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hehe............but really..............who cares!

Just kidding i am sure all you rivet counters do care!

They sure look the part!

Thanks Russell for the extra pics!
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