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I am trying to find the official Mabuchi product code (part number) for the endbell drive Mabuchi can motor Scalextric have used in their cars for the past decade or so.
Also does anyone know if the Mabuchi used in Fly cars is the same spec as those used by Scalextric. I know the performance, appearance etc is the similar but is it the same spec/part number - does anyone know?
Cheers Sean

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I havent checked the listings in a while, and they do change.

The Scalex, Scalex sport, Fly, Evo 2, and others are all the same motor and can be had either endbell drive, can drive or double shafted.

For a while, the code was "FC-130SH"

Then they started changine the "H"part by adding different off the shelf winds.

for a while they were coded "FC140S xx"

The "130" represents 13mm, the approximate size, the 140 is the same, measured over the brush set up.

but again, I have not looked at the listings in a few years.

Usually what they are doing is buying the motors with a rating of "8600rpm @ 6 volts" and calling it 17000 at 12. I have seen them listed, again years ago, as "4400rpm at 3 volts".

I know that John Robinson bought a bunc double shafted for MRRC to sell as might ask him!

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