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Scalextric Mclaren 2004 !!

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Just browsing ebay (as you do) and came across this !

Scalextric Mclaren 2004

Didn't know that was out yet - when is the sport version coming out cause I got that preordered !

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Sorry, it's not the 2004 car... You should know that!!

It has flat sidepods, the 2004 car has rolled under sidepods like the 2004 Renault and the 2003-4 Ferrari.


EDIT: It's also running on Bridgestone tyres!

EDIT2: I've emailed him and told him to change it... He also only had one for sale so I would have been skeptical.

Just looked at the picture of the 2004 car on Slot City and it turns out that infact the above is the 2004 car.

Or rather a remould of the old car with Michelin tyres on it. It doesn't look anything like the 2004 car. Nice one Scalextric...

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Well cheers Scalextric...

If it's just going to be a relivery (new tyres and a few sponsor changes) don't bother... Who wants a walrus nose Williams that doesn't even race anymore when you could have a state of the art McLaren?

Bah... I'd say you've lost another customer Hornby, but I don't buy from you anyway...

Disgruntled McLaren
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Well the front wing, rear wing, sidepods and bargeboards are wrong, so it's not a 2004 to me... but if you're happy with it then go for it.

True the tyres are Michelin (they are very blurry on the first pic and I was kind of expecting it from Scalextric).

"yet Kimi has sold out !" - That's 'cos he's the man

"As I wanted it for Wednesday " - Does this mean you've found a club up there?

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You're still at McLaren?

Tell R.D. to write down "Andy Tomlin" and pin it to his wall. It might jog his memory when he's looking through CV's in 5 years time

McLaren (A.T.)
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