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Scalextric Mclaren 2004 !!

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Just browsing ebay (as you do) and came across this !

Scalextric Mclaren 2004

Didn't know that was out yet - when is the sport version coming out cause I got that preordered !

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To recap for everyone that missed this news earlier in the year....

Initially Scalextric planned a new car for the McLaren F1 and a relivery for the Williams F1. As they normally keep Sports Editions to new cars, this meant a Sport Edition of the McLaren F1 but not for the Williams F1.

When the cars were launched for the 2004 season by the F1 teams, the changes to the Williams were more 'obvious' than the McLaren. So Scalextric changed them round - a relivery of the McLaren F1 and a new car for the Williams F1, which meant a Williams F1 Sport Edition but not a McLaren F1.

Of course, Scalextric then got caught out when Williams F1 decided to drop the new nose cone which had started it all in the first place.

The Scalextric McLarens are now available with the Williams due in December.

Though to confuse things even further, the Scalextric Formula 1 set has a Williams in 2004 livery but on the old 2003 car. This car is only available in the set.

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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