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Scalextric Mclaren 2004 !!

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Just browsing ebay (as you do) and came across this !

Scalextric Mclaren 2004

Didn't know that was out yet - when is the sport version coming out cause I got that preordered !

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QUOTE (McLaren @ 15 Oct 2004, 14:27)Well cheers Scalextric...

If it's just going to be a relivery (new tyres and a few sponsor changes) don't bother... Who wants a walrus nose Williams that doesn't even race anymore when you could have a state of the art McLaren?

Bah... I'd say you've lost another customer Hornby, but I don't buy from you anyway...

Disgruntled McLaren

Just spoke to Getslotted and the 2004 Mclaren is out !! - yet Kimi has sold out ! - bum , anyway also the Sport Version has been cancelled.

As I wanted it for Wednesday had to resort to buying the Kimi 2004 of ebay (different seller to that).

Also McLaren - I know what this years Mclaren look like (as you pointed out) - the one in that pic IS the 2004 Scalextric Mclaren (mainly the same but new nose) and IS on Michelin tyres (your mother warned you it would affect your eyesite).
Take a look at this pic from another auction - it clearer.

It looks pretty good and if thats the best 2004 Mclaren I can buy - thats the one I am getting !
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QUOTE (McLaren @ 15 Oct 2004, 14:49)"As I wanted it for Wednesday " - Does this mean you've found a club up there?


Not moved yet - move Nov 26th - still working away here making the Mclaren as carp as ever !
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