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Out of interest do,s anyone know how many Scalextric Metro 6R4 were sold? There are so many for sale on Ebay and at swop meets that they must be the best selling slotcar of all time. Just would love to know how many were sold.

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Or maybe there are lots for sale because nobody wants them!!!!

There are loads about because of the popularity of Scalextric at the time the entry-level sets were metro based.

There are also loads of original Minis and Porsche 935's for sale but they get better prices because people like them.

Seriously - it's a good question, I would like to see a top ten best sellers list. A bottom ten would also be interesting (excluding limited editions of course) but no manufacturer is going to admit the magnitude of its mistakes!

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A few of the Metro 6R4s can go for very good money. Eg. Ternco livery.
The first type of Scaley Metro was quite a decent car, it was spoilt later by the flared arches & cheap paint jobs on the 6R4.
There were loads of Mini Coopers made, some are very common, others are not, in particular versions made in the 60s & early 70s. Some of the later colour schemes are now also becoming collectable.
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