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Scalextric MotoGP bikes

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Preview of the Scalextric MotoGP bikes.

Check it out here
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The speed issue is a big dissappointment, tho not really surprising considering the shortage of wheels and inevitably high centre of gravity. The scale makes matters worse really cos u multiply their actual speed by 18 instead of 32 to get the scale speed, so they are even slower still!
i think and hope it will be a succesful product, but i believe it is for bike fans who are newcomers to scalextric, or to car fans who want gr8 looking bikes that they can have novelty races with. At this time, I dont think they come close to the fun of racing the cars.

I agree totally about it being not the ideal track (no banked curves) and that there is development time yet to go, but even so, the physics and design of the bikes and slots mean that they will not be as fun or fast as cars.
scalex say all their old and new cars, and bikes, will run on the new banked curves. Never saw the old ones, so i cant compare
the banked curves will be available as a seperate item, only get the bike kit if u want the bikes too!
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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