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Scalextric MotoGP bikes

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Preview of the Scalextric MotoGP bikes.

Check it out here
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I am going to use quotes from elsehwere:-

QUOTE They wobble, are slow, fall out of the slot easy ,lean the wrong way but look great.

Scalextric were not intending to run these as the circuit on which they were on display was set up for the Challenger product and not for MotoGP bikes as the banked curves were not used and the track had a series of bends going left and right. They are still prototype models and design modifications are still being worked on. Scalextric know exactly what is required. The stand demonstrator was very good when questioned and I cannot say any more, even about the tilting situation. MotoGP want the bikes out this year. Nuff said!

QUOTE The motor bike racing community appear to be more understanding and are just happy to have a product that moves and offers an opportunity to race their favourite heroes.

I had a very long chat with the Scalextric boys and girls so there will be many nuggets of information offered up at appropriate times as and when. MotoGP have done their own research.

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1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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