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Scalextric MotoGP bikes

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Preview of the Scalextric MotoGP bikes.

Check it out here
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The bikes wobble , they lean the wrong way and they are slow. Tim had a go,naughty, before getting told off! Not impressed to be honest mainly cos they were too slow. This was the only stand attended by a non Hornby employee, Guy was a demonstrator , pleasant enough character.
I agree on both counts!!

If they had made them 1/32 they would not have been so tall which I believe is the cause of the wobble and I would have collected them. Not gonna give up yet as sraspaul spotted a couple of different mag positions on the display bikes so will wait for production run to assess more accuratly. They do look very good and I believe people will buy them as not many get the benefit of advanced testing thru this cracking forum.
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They may well be easy to mod, after all loads of cars require mods to get them working proper so I`m going easy here. I reckon a much better outrigger could be made easily nuff.
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I like the fact that the rider is loose,only attached by a magnet. I reckon someone will take you up on that challenge!
I`ve looked,handled and watched me mate play and the demonstrator try his best and I stand by my earlier posts
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Moped has his finger on the pulse there and I know exactly what he`s talking about
as I posted before, me club mate and top racer at Phoenix`Timmy Jordan` (Eddie Jordans Love child) stole a lap and the bikes were slow even on the straight. Hard to define slow here but guys it wasn`t a pretty sight.

I don`t want to get outa topic here (or ahead of a phone call with Adrian tomorrow) but, I`m reorganising the Phoenix British GT Drivers meeting for March. Adrian is attending and I hope he can bring some of this kit along so you may have a chance to play ahead of schedule. Should be good with a BAR F1 car and the Phoenix sponsored GT car, Ultima on display too. More to follow, can`t tell you exact date yet but hope you guys are gonna be up for it
Should ask Luca for an SCX digital demo too really shouldn`t I?
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Adrian is supporting and attending the Phoenix British GT Drivers Challenge (date T.B.C. ) .

Watch SF for more info and an opportunity to get some hands on. Adrian is on the move again but I will have this event sorted by next week. Hoping Scalextric can set up some Digital and World system so we can all enjoy a sneak preview. If you get behind me I`m sure we can have a good day out at the races
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1 - 7 of 29 Posts
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