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Scalextric MotoGP bikes

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Preview of the Scalextric MotoGP bikes.

Check it out here
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So, a bit more about this new banked track. I believe I've read somewhere that it's a 10 degree slope, is that right?

How does it compare to the old Classic banked curves, what degree slope we're they?

Doe's it look like the modern lower profile cars will be able to run on the new track as I understand that the old curves are too steep for them?

If so it should bring a bit more reality back to racing Indy Cars.
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Old banking was whatever angle you pulled/stretched it to.

Most cars will not run on the banking, don't imagine Indy's will, to much overhang.

scalex say all their old and new cars, and bikes, will run on the new banked curves. Never saw the old ones, so i cant compare
That'll be great!

I want to get some extra track and New power/controls etc this year, so I might just hold off for one of these MotoGP sets to get a range of Curve pieces and then I'll be able to bring back some Indy500 Oval racing.
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the banked curves will be available as a seperate item, only get the bike kit if u want the bikes too!
I do want the bikes aswell.

At least I think I do.

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Um? Where does the MotoGP circus race on banked curves?

Bikes should be zip zipperty fast. Not sloooooow.

Currently, this has all the hallmarks of a bad idea, badly executed.

Nuff said!
Adrian is supporting and attending the Phoenix British GT Drivers Challenge (date T.B.C. ) .

Watch SF for more info and an opportunity to get some hands on. Adrian is on the move again but I will have this event sorted by next week. Hoping Scalextric can set up some Digital and World system so we can all enjoy a sneak preview. If you get behind me I`m sure we can have a good day out at the races
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21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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