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At our club we have an Open DTM & Touring class.
Because most of the members are driving Ninco Merc or Proslot Alfa with Slot-it parts I want to go a different way.
So I have choosen the Scalextric Astra V6, a sidewinder.
Now I'm wondering which crownwheel from Slot-it I'll need. Is it the 18mm one or is it the 19mm one?

Further I want to juice it up with a V12 29kRPM and try different gearings to have a better acceleration.
And I want to know if changing the gearratio is of any influence on the breaking force? If so, in what way? Higer gearratio , less break or the otherway arround?

Does a V12 29kRPM with 10/38 perform (acc/speed/breaking) better then a V12 25kRPM with 13/34? Or is this a very silly question because this can only be tested out on the track?

HI there WeBoC

For the Astra V8 you will require the 18mm rear spur gear. The 19mm gear is for Proslot cars only.

As regards to upgrading to a 29k Slot it motor, I would recommend you go for a 25k balenced. This gives more torque for acceleration and above all I prefer it over the 29k.

Now, the gear aspect. The higher the gears the better acceleration and better brakes you will have, however lower ratio's provide you with more straight line speed and less brakes.

As regards to the gearing, the only way you tell, as you guessed, is to get on the track and play.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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