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Scalextric Painted Kits

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Does anyone know if Scalextric have released their fully painted kits yet? In Particular the No. 9 GT40 GULF? Does the painted body fit the Scalextric GT40 Slot version chassis?
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The unpianted hornby kits will fit the slot chassis, I know that much.
I looked at a Focus kit yesterday, and the body itself is exactly the same. Chassis was different, with wierd peg things, but the body was exactly the same. I cant imagine why the GT40 would be any different.

I wouldnt let it put you off buying one, if it doesnt work then you'll have something to scratchbuild to:)
The mounting points are in the same position as a normal scaley shell. The body is just the same, except for being made of different plastic.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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